How to Connect CCTV Camera to Laptop Without DVR

Before we go any further the answer to the question can or “How to connect CCTV camera to laptop without DVR” the answer is yes, you can easily connect the camera to a laptop without DVR.

If you are looking to worry about your worker’s theft in your workplace and you want to keep all your things safe by protecting through camera-eyes, installation of CCTV camera will be the best option to protect from burglars, and you will also get peace of mind.

There are several types of CCTV camera systems, some of them are really simple to install and others are complicated where You really need to take care of all the points. You can easily connect one or more CCTV cameras to one device laptop mobile or computer.

In easy words, DVR and NVR are used to store footage of the camera. Without DVR and NVR, IP cameras can still provide you independent protection from burglars, just like the security cameras with SD cards. Furthermore, you can also connect IP Camera to your laptop phone or computer without a DVR NVR to stream a live feed

Understanding Closed Circuit TV

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television it is also known as video surveillance CCTV camera used to transmit video images to devices such as phones, laptops, or computers.

It is different from broadcast Television because its transmission is not openly transmitted. There are many types of CCTV cameras such as; Bullet CCTV, Dome CCTV, C-Mount CCTV cameras, PTZ Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, Day/Night CCTV, Infrared/night vision CCTV cameras, Network/IP CCTV cameras, Wireless CCTV, and High Definition (HD) CCTV cameras.

CCTV is commonly used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • monitor home and business security it lives stream directly to guard.
  • monitor patients for medical specialties
  • Used in traffic monitoring highly radioactive or toxic industries in the environment.
  • when the casino or Airport security
How to Connect CCTV Camera to Laptop Without DVR

How to Connect CCTV Camera to Laptop Without DVR

Follow the given steps to connect CCTV Camera to Laptop or PC.

1.     Using a PC CCTV System

it is possible to set up a security camera with a computer on a monitor. if you do not have a Wi-Fi network you want to connect a wireless or Wi-Fi camera with a computer you can do it via a router.

here are a few requirements to hook up a camera with a computer:

  • Your WiFi camera
  • adapter for camera power
  • Your computer
  • A network cable
  • A router

when buying a CCTV camera, do not worry about the cost, but you should ask the camera manufacturer about the features like digital connectivity.

2.     Install CCTV Software

Insert your software CD or DVD disc in your device is optical drive or you can download software from the website. Click to open the software installation.

3.     Mount the Camera

The big the biggest difference to mount the camera between indoor and outdoor is the weather. The camera should be temperature-friendly.

It is easy to find the right spot for an indoor camera, just plug it in, turn it on, and stream it with your Mobile or Laptop app.

while installing the outdoor camera, please make sure that it captures all the action possible with a smaller field of view.

4.     Link the camera to the Laptop

Link your camera to your computer. Some CCTV systems supported coaxial cable, while others use USB (Universal Standard Bus) cable standard. Please read the documents with the camera to know which cable-supported for your device.

Some CCTV settings have a router multiple cameras can be attached. When this configuration is used for your CCTV setup, each camera link to the available port on the dedicated CCTV router and connects the router to the device. For more detail, see the manufacturer’s documentation.

5.     Link the camera to power

Connect the camera to the power source. Some USB CCTV systems provide power cameras with USB cabling and eliminate the need for each camera to have a reliable power source.

6.     Launch and customize CCTV program

Launch the CCTV camera program on your computer and proceed with the camera or camera setup. You can point and focus on the camera appropriately to ensure the appropriate video quality in this category.

7.     Cloud-based surveillance cameras

Cloud video Surveillance is used for recording videos in cloud servers and camera management. A client can easily take a look at the recorded videos.

Cloud-based security cameras have made tremendous progress in the field of security systems. According to the budget cost, it is a good choice to use for personnel and constant hardware maintenance.

An IP camera system in the latest video Surveillance technology have a number of benefits:

Remote Access

High Resolution

Advanced Features

High Scalability Internet Protocol camera systems also have many other benefits such as a live stream, footage control, analytics, and much more.

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How to Connect CCTV Camera to Laptop Without DVR

FAQ (How to Connect CCTV Camera to Laptop Without DVR)

can I use my laptop as an HDMI monitor

yes, you can use a laptop as an HDMI monitor but it only works on a few highly-cost laptops. Laptop Displays only accept signals from Built-In Graphics system. HDMI is unidirectional, so the output does not work on the same port. You can only get the signals by using an HDMI cable.

How can I connect my DVR to my Laptop without Internet?

You can connect your DVR with your laptop without the Internet, cable router, or Modem to bypass the LAN (Local Area Network).

How do I show my DVR on my Laptop?

Here are the two steps to display DVR on laptop.

Double click on the camera to open the monitor to the DVR and write down its IP address. If you have LAN, connect the DVR via cable. If not, directly connect the LAN cable with the laptop

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